Programs designed to inspire the creator, builder, and innovator inside your student. 

The STEM and Robotics Center is a place to develop the next generation of professionals through classroom learning, after-school programs, and community events. 

Industry Designed

At the STEM and Robotics Center, you will find content created by professionals in their field. 

Earn industry-standard certifications, develop professional-level soft-skills, and find your place at the DSHS STEM and Robotics Center. 


Community Built

The STEM and Robotics Center takes community involvement to the next level. 

Whether it’s hosting STEM Festivals, organizing competitive Robotics Events, sending ambassadors to elementary and middle schools, or running summer camps, we provide opportunities for our students to lead by example.


Our Mission

We provide a state-of-the-art learning environment that is industry-designed, student-driven, and expert-motivated to prepare future leaders for success in a technological world. 


We provide pathways to success in highly marketable fields.

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Careers in Robotics and Mechatronics are growing in importance. Our robotics programs prepare students to enter advanced careers in engineering. 

Media Arts


From videography to sound design, students become content-creators by taking classes taught by experts in the Digital Media field. 




To succeed in a fast-paced world driven by Big Data and computational sciences, students learn how to code, analyze data, and become digitally literate citizens of our computer-based society. 




Engineering careers are the most lucrative and fastest-growing careers. Our Engineering Pathway provides students opportunities to learn how to apply the engineering design process across many engineering disciplines. 


Support your community – Have a Party

The DSHS Stem and Robotics Center Conference Room is the perfect place to host your next birthday party, business meeting, graduation gala, or team banquet. 

And all of the profits go towards supporting STEM Education in Livingston Parish. 

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